We're Committed to Keeping Everyone Safe

We value each member of our team at Axis Power, and we go above and beyond to ensure that the right safety protocols are followed. Because of our unwavering commitment to safety, we consistently have motivated, productive individuals that are proud to be a part of our team.


Culture Begins On Day One

At Axis Power, our culture begins day one. Day one of orientation of a new employee or crew, day one of a new customer, or day one of a new growth stage. The efforts must be put in beforehand and prepared to deliver on day one. And to achieve this we have established the five commandments of culture: Clarity – Collaboration – Camaraderie – Creativity – Change.

  • Objectives, tasks, goals, and new directions must be communicated with clarity to ensure full understanding and acknowledgement by all team members.
  • Team members must be willing to collaborate across all aspects and levels of our company. This will ensure all voices are heard and we deliver the most effective product to our customers.
  • We will not agree on everything, which we consider to be a strength, however we have the camaraderie amongst our team members to come together and accomplish our goals as one.
  • Within the aspects of safety, be willing to be creative. Do not assume ‘it’s always been done this way.’ We strive for our team members to bring up new ideas, thought processes, and challenge the traditional narrative.
  • Ability to adapt to change, whether in-house, customer requirements, or regulatory procedures with an open mind and willingness to implement the next steps.